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Learn The First Aid For Heart Attack And Save Someone Near You

first aid for heart attack

A heart attack is on the top of the deadly diseases that kill so many people in this world. However, a heart attack is a condition where the blood could not enter the heart in a moment. This caused some cells on heart dead and then our heart can’t work properly. It is important to know the first aid for heart attack because this disease can attack someone near us.

first aid for heart attack

Some people who have faced a heart attack may experience some signs before. For example, they usually feel very painful pain in the center of their chest. Bad lifestyle, obesity, smoking, and drinking too much alcohol can cause a heart attack. However, a heart attack happens in a short time. This article will give you first aid for heart attack because you need to save him as fast as you can. 

1. Call Emergency Number

The first thing you should do when a heart attack happens near you is calling the emergency number. This could be important if your home is far enough from the hospital. Also, you can call your neighbor or friends to drive you to the hospital. Remember that you need to bring him as fast as you can or his life could not be helped. But, make sure there is someone who bothered the patient.

2. Give Aspirin

Aspirin is a special drug to destroy blood clotting that caused the heart attack. Also, aspirin can decrease pain. You can give him about 325 mg dosage of aspirin. Make sure the patient did not have an allergic history to the aspirin. Above all, don’t try to enter another thing into his mouth because he can be chocked.

3. Seat the Patient

You should make the patient quiet because when the blood pressure can rise when they panic. After that, put him to sitting position and lean on something on his back. It is okay to make them sitting on the floor or the chair. But, it will be better when he sitting on the floor to reduce the risk of injury when they fainting.

4. Start CPR if the Patient is Unconscious

If you are with the unconscious patient it is important to start CPR on his chest while waiting medical person comes. CPR can help him to maintain the blood flow while the heart stopped working. The first step to do is put him laying on a flat surface. After that, put your hands on his chest, make sure your arms in a straight position. The medical guide tells us that we should press his chest in 100 to 120 compression in one minute.

5. Take Nitroglycerin

If someone’s with a heart attack has given nitroglycerin by the doctor before, you can give it too. Make sure you give them in the right dose because it can cause death if he consumes the wrong one. But, you can do this way if he is still conscious. Above all, read the device instructions on its label and follow the instruction.

These are some first aid for heart attack you can do. It is important to know how to cure a heart attack disease. A heart attack has critical time in the first 15 minutes. I hope this article can give you a piece of knowledge so you know what to do when it happens to someone near you.