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Simple Ways on How to Avoid Kidney Failure

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Over 30 million people in the world are living with kidney disease that is getting worse by day. The most common diseases are the damaging of the kidney caused by many reasons. When a kidney is damaged or failure, then people will have to get a kidney transplant to survive. Some of the main causes of this disease are diabetes and heart diseases. People who are over 60 have the highest chance of getting them. So, it is important people know the ways on how to avoid kidney failure since young. 

There are many ways on how to avoid kidney failure and prevent them from getting worse. However, people must also know the signs of kidney failure too. Some signs that can show the kidney is not right is muscle cramps and trouble breathing. Therefore, before this happens it is important people know how to avoid kidney failure even in simple ways. Here are some tips that people can apply:

1. Manage Blood Sugar

Diabetes can increase the risk of heart disease, therefore managing the blood pressure also means managing the kidney. Make sure to make to always monitor the blood sugar by measuring it each day or week. Also, consume healthy non-sugar food that is healthy for the body. 

2. Eat less Salted Food

Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure which will destroy the kidney. Therefore, for people who have high blood pressure should eat foods with less salt. Apply a diet salt life for your daily life. Even though it might not taste good, but this is an effective way to avoid kidney failure. 

3. Exercise

Another reason why kidney failure can occur is being too fat therefore the fat piles up. So, it is important for people to get rid of the fats by exercising. Do some exercise at least 30 minutes each day to get rid of the fat. Once fats pile up in the body, they will do close the access of other organs. 

4. Do not Smoke

Preventing is always better than curing a disease, therefore prevent smoking from now. Tobacco or smoking can cause heart disease which is a factor of kidney failure. Therefore, avoid smoking from now and live a healthy life. Also, avoid alcohol or sweet drinks which are useless for the body. 

5. Regular Check-up

It is important to have a regular check-up with the doctor each month. Consult with the doctor if there is any additional medicine needed. Don’t miss a regular check-up with the doctor just because you feel fine. Sometimes people miss the moment until they get worse. Therefore, this is an important way of how to avoid kidney failure. 

Kidney disease patients will usually have to consume certain kinds of medicines too. Usually, medicines are used to prevent high blood pressure and other diseases that can cause kidney failure. Therefore, rather than having to consume medicine people can apply a healthy life. This way on how to avoid kidney failure is the best and easiest way to prevent kidney getting worse. 

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Tasty and Easy Home Remedy Colon Cleanse

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The colon has many important roles for our bodies. The main role is as a food absorbent in our digestion system. Through the colon also, it would process the leftovers before it is then continued to the anus. People need to have a clean and healthy colon to have a complete digestion system. That is why people need to consume home remedy colon cleanse often to refresh their colon.

A dirty colon could be caused by many things. Starting from junk foods, sweet drinks and other unhealthy foods and drinks. Moreover, it could cause some illness issues as well. People could get constipation, stomach ache, and a continuously exhausted feeling. People need to keep clear the colon and the nice bacteria in it. Therefore, here is some tasty and easy home remedy colon cleanse people could consume to keep their colon healthy.

1. The Tasty Apple and Lemon Juice

To improve the digestive function, people need to consume enough vitamins A & C, fiber and antioxidant. Lemons and apples are both rich with those nutrients. People could simply make this juice at home. Serve it with a half a cup of apple juice with 2 tablespoons lemon juice. As a result, it would help to detox the colon and encourage digestion.

2. The Little Helpful Chia Seeds

Another tasty dish as a home remedy colon cleanse is chia seeds. Prepare a cup of water and then pour 1 tablespoon of chia seeds in it. Leave it from about 10 minutes so that the fiber would absorb into the water to optimize its function. After that, mix it with a cup of plain yogurt and eat the delicious dish. As an addition, people could add some fruits as well.

3. The combination of Salt and Water

To start the day with a healthy colon, people could drink this drink every morning. People would just need to prepare sea salt and water. Add a teaspoon of sea salt with half-liter water. Mix it well and then drink it every morning before breakfast or anything else. Although it might not taste well, even a little bit weird, it could improve digestive health.

4. The Healthy Green Vegetables

Chlorophylls could help to clean the intestinal tract so that the colon is smooth. Not only that, it could help liver detox. People could get high chlorophyll through green vegetables like spinach, peas, asparagus, kale, and others. To enjoy green vegetables, people could serve in soups or sauté them with olive oil or unsalted butter. As another option, people could also serve it as a juice as well.

5. The Warm Gingers

Gingers could stimulate human’s digestion and it could be another perfect home remedy colon cleanse. Some people enjoy drinking ginger juice with honey and warm water, while other enjoy it as smoothies. Blend peeled ginger with an apple, a cup of spinach, and one slice carrot. It is delicious yet healthy.

People could enjoy tasty home remedy colon cleanse by using simple ingredients. Not only would eliminate bad bacteria and improve the digestion. But these drinks could also help people to lose some weight and prevent some other diseases.

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How to Cure Razor Burn Effectively In 5 Ways

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To maintain the appearance and comfort, many people usually shave the hair in certain parts. Unfortunately, after shaving sometimes irritation appears, such as itching or reddish skin. Irritations because after shaving is what is known as razor burn. So, you better know about how to cure razor burn.

Razor burn can occur due to mistakes when shaving or using the wrong shaver. Or, you may not use shaving cream before you shave your hair. This condition will certainly interfere with your appearance, comfort, and health. Here are 5 ways on how to cure razor burn you should know:

1.     Cold Compresses

The first way you should do is compress using cold water or ice. Cold compresses can help soothe irritated skin. In addition, cold compresses can also reduce redness on the skin.

You can wrap a few blocks of ice with a clean towel. Then, you put it to an irritated area for 5 to 10 minutes. Try this method several times a day and look at the changes in your skin.

2.     Warm Compresses

After the irritation has subsided, you can warm compresses on the affected part of the razor burn. Warm compresses can help prevent the development of bacteria and reduce swelling.

Wet a clean cloth or towel with warm water. Put this warm towel over the irritated area for 5-10 minutes. Reheat and put warm compresses as needed. You can do this method many times until your irritation is cured.

3.     Honey

How to cure razor burn is by applying honey on your skin. Pure honey has antibacterial properties so it can reduce skin irritation. In addition, honey can also reduce inflammation that makes you uncomfortable.

You can choose pure honey so that it can function optimally on your skin. Gently apply honey to the irritated area. You can wait for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Do this method repeatedly until your skin condition improves

4.     Aloe Vera

The next way you can do is to apply Aloe Vera. The use of Aloe Vera is very famous because it can cure various skin problems. In addition, Aloe Vera can soothe skin irritations. In addition, Aloe Vera is also easy for you to find. Even now there are many gels with Aloe Vera extract on the market.

Apply fresh aloe pieces to your skin as needed. If you want to use Aloe Vera gel, make sure the gel does not contain fragrance and alcohol. You also have to make sure that the gel does not contain other chemicals.

5.     Cream Medicine

You can also use cream medicine, which you can find easily in the market. However, you must make sure that the cream contains hydrocortisone. The composition has a function to reduce swelling and soothe reddish skin.

Apply the cream evenly to your skin. However, you do not need to apply a lot of creams. See if there is a better condition in your skin. If you want maximum results, you should routinely use this cream every day.

Now you know how to cure razor burn. Try to do these ways to reduce your discomfort. If your skin condition worsens, consult a doctor immediately. Doctors can provide the most appropriate and safe treatment.