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The Way How To Avoid Rashes On Skin That Every Woman Should Know

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how to avoid rashes on skin

Rashes seem simple actually. However, it can cause AN uncomfortable feeling of the accusative. Therefore, rashes need to be fixed as soon as possible. If it is possible, it is better to avoid rashes before it grows. In this case, there are many ways we can do on how to avoid rashes on skin. Here is the complete information.

1. Avoid Sweating Situation

Rashes are caused by the high heat of the body and sweating. On the other hand, we can say that rashes have a deep relation to heat and sweat. The heat on the body will be trapped beneath of the skin. Then, it will lead the rash to your skin.

Therefore, you need to avoid sweating as you can do. Furthermore, keep dry of your skin. If your body gets overheated, try to get a shower to fix the overheated soon. In this case, it is important to avoid outdoor activity during the hottest day.

2. Avoid Heavy Exercise in Summer or Hot Conditions

Summer usually makes your body feel hot and cause sweating. In this condition, you will easy to get rashes on your skin. If you are asking how to avoid rashes on skin in this condition, the answer will be easy. You need to avoid heavy exercise that makes you sweat. If you want to get some exercise, make sure that you have turned on the air conditioner first. Then, don’t forget to get a shower as soon as possible.

3. Wear A Loose and Lightweight Cloth

A loose and lightweight can be the best way to avoid rashes in your skin. On the other hand, the thick and snugly clothe can trap the heat of your body. Thus, the heat can accumulate and cause irritation to your skin immediately. Therefore, wearing lightweight and loose clothing is recommended as prevention.

Furthermore, the lightweight and lose clothing can expedite air circulation. Therefore, even the weather is hot, you still able to get some air. However, there is an exception to the clothing rules. You must wear fit clothes during exercise. It will help to absorb the sweat of your body. Thus, you need to wear something inline with the condition.

4. Drink Enough Water

Water usually makes your body fresh. Besides, drink enough water can avoid dehydration of your body. In this case, you need to drink cool water amounts of 2 until 4 glasses each hour. It will help you fresh and dehydrate enough.

5. Make Sure That Your Skin Is Clean Enough

After conducting outdoor activities or others, you need to clean your skin from the dirty substance. You need to make it habitual. Furthermore, dirty skin may lead to fungal and bacterial infection. On the other hand, it will make your skin irritate. Thus, you must get into the shower as soon as possible after conducting some heavy activities to refresh and clean your skin.

When you try every single thing of the previous tips, you will able to avoid the rashes on your skin. The way on how to avoid rashes on skin seems simple but usually, we are lazy to applicate. Thus, remake your habitual and get a healthy lifestyle.

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5 Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit Everyone Should Know

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health benefits of dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is one of the fruits which has a delicious taste and also interesting color. Dragon fruit commonly has two kinds, one of them is white-colored and one of them is red-colored. Besides, dragon fruit also has a sweet taste which makes people like to eat dragon fruits. However, besides the sweet taste of dragon fruit, it also has many health benefits for us that you may never expect before. What the health benefits of dragon fruit mean and what are they? The following passage will explain to you more.

1. Help To Lose Weight

If you conduct a diet program to lose weight, you can add dragon fruit as one of the menus of your diet program. Why should be dragon fruit? Dragon food has low calories but high minerals and also vitamins. Moreover, dragon fruit also contains fiber which is good as the diet menu.

Therefore, we can eat delicious food while conducting a diet by eating dragon fruit. Besides, dragon fruit also contains carbohydrate which can make us feel full. Therefore, we don’t need to eat other carbs and just eat dragon fruit.

2. Become Prevention of Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is known as the most cause of death cases. Therefore, we need to protect our health and try to prevent chronic disease as well as we can. There are many foods that can prevent chronic disease and keep our health such as dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit contains high antioxidant which is god as the prevention of damage cell and also inflammation. The antioxidants include are vitamin C, betalains, and carotenoid. Those substances are a good prevention of cancer and also a good supplement of our body.

3. Expedite Your Digestion System

Digestion system problem is one of the big problems that happen to most people. Most people, especially woman feel uncomfortable with the digestive system’s problem. the digestive system’s problem can break the diet program of women.

Hence, we need to consume enough dietary fiber to expedite our digestive system and did the diet program. On the other hand, dragon fruit also has a high level of dietary fiber which is good for a diet. You can fill the fiber need of your body by the health benefits of dragon fruit.

4. Strengthen Immune of Our Body

The key pint of being healthy along the time is having a strong immunity. However, not all people have strong immunity. Some people can have weal immunity that makes them easy to get sick and contract by viruses.

Therefore, if you have weak immunity, you need to increase your immune level and make it strong by consuming dragon fruit. Dragon fruit contains vitamin C and also Carotenoid which can boost your immune system, prevent any infections, and keep our white-blood health. Therefore, by consuming this delicious food, we can easily strengthen our immune.

5. Can Boost Our Iron Level

Except for strengthening our immune, dragon fruit also able to boost our iron levels. Some people do not have enough iron levels in their bodies. Hence, they need iron booster such as dragon fruit to eat. Also, our body needs iron to transport oxygen throughout our body and change it into energy. Therefore, it is important to consume iron booster such as dragon fruit.

After knowing the information about the health benefits of dragon fruit, we should carry ourselves more by eating dragon fruit. It sounds simple but can give many health benefits for us.

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Health Benefits of Kombucha For Your Body

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health benefits of kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is usually made into sweetened black and sometimes green tea. Many people have been consuming this tea because they say there are many health benefits of Kombucha. However, kombucha contains slight alcohol which makes people doubt the benefits from it. Well, research has proved that kombucha does have ingredients that can help and give benefits to your health.

Kombucha is a tea naturally from East Asia but now is also available in Germany and Russia. Many people have been using this tea to treat many kinds of illnesses and diseases that attack the body. However, even if you don’t have any illness, you can still consume the tea with a limited amount. You can drink the tea in a hot or cold drink, according to your taste. However, you drink it the taste and the benefit will be the same. So, here are the health benefits of Kombucha that you can get after drinking it:

1. Kill Bacteria

During the fermentation of Kombucha, a substance that is produced is acetic acid. This substance works the same as polyphenols in tea which can kill harmful microorganisms. Whether black or green tea, they both have strong properties that can go against bacteria. So, consuming kombucha routinely can help make your body keep strong against bacteria and diseases.

2. Contains High Antioxidants – Stay Healthy

Consuming the right amount of kombucha will keep you healthy and strong. This is because Kombucha contains high antioxidants that are very useful for the human body. One of the functions of antioxidants is it can protect the human cell from being attacked by viruses and bacteria. Consuming antioxidants routinely is also healthy for humans’ skin.

3. Stay Hydrated

Rather than having to consume a sports drink that contains high sugar, it is better to drink Kombucha tea. Consume around 4 ounces/ day to make your body hydrated and healthy all day long. So, this is a great drink for those who like sports and needs to be hydrated. However, make sure not to consume too much tea in one day.

4. Support Digesting System

If you have problems with your digesting system, then try to consume Kombucha tea. Antioxidant and Probiotic in Kombucha tea will support your digesting system, making it stronger and healthier. If you suddenly face digesting problems, consume this tea and hopefully, your problem will disappear.

5. Decrease LDL

One of the health benefits of Kombucha tea is that it can decrease or lower your LDL. On the other hand, it can increase your HDL and support the health of your heart and kidney. But again, the main point in consuming Kombucha tea is consuming the right amount for the body.

To feel the health benefits of Kombucha, people should consume the right amount of tea each day. People are not allowed to consume more than 12 ounces of kombucha a day because it is dangerous to the body. However, consume around 4 ounces/day to get the best effect for your body. Remember to always read the instructions and guide when you are drinking kombucha tea.  

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Health Benefits Of Cucumber That People Are Not Aware Of

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health benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is a type of vegetable that people are surely familiar with. Usually, people can find a cucumber in a salad or their side dishes. Cucumber is rarely used as a main dish, however, there are many health benefits of cucumber from consuming it. Many people are not aware of this; therefore, they don’t eat the cucumber. Whereas, this is a waste because cucumber can help prevent many diseases and can make people stronger.

There are many ways people can consume cucumber whether they juice it or eat it normally. The taste of cucumber is not bad, so people can eat it as a vegetable. Therefore, cucumber is a vegetable that is very recommended for people who are on a diet. No, they don’t make you slimmer but the vitamins inside are good for the body. To know more, here are the health benefits of cucumber that people might not know:

1. Helps the Body Hydrated

Cucumber contains 95.2 of water, therefore by consuming this your body will keep hydrated. This is about 150 ml of water or 26% of the humans need it. So, by consuming cucumber routine each day, you will keep your body hydrated without having to drink too much. To achieve the standard of water, need for the human body, you can juice the cucumber.

2. Good for the Heart

Other than water, cucumber also contains potassium that can help lower blood pressure. One cucumber contains around 152 mg of potassium which is 0.001 the needs of a human body. The amount is not big, but it is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to lower blood pressure. Therefore, people who have problems with their blood pressure should consume cucumber routinely.

3. Protect your Brain

An anti-inflammatory substance is available in cucumbers like it is available in strawberries and grapes. This substance plays an important role in protecting the brain from getting attacked by any disease. The substance also can delay age-related impact to the brain like being forgetful. So, to prevent this from happening people can start consuming cucumber since now at young ages.

4. Prevent Aging

One of the health benefits of cucumber that many women should know is it prevents aging. Many cosmetics and salons have been using cucumber as one of their ingredients to prevent aging effects on skins. They can be used by consuming them directly or using them as a masker. You can also prevent aging on your skin by slicing cucumber and using it as a masker. Let the cucumber on your face for 15 minutes then wash it off. Do this routinely and you will feel your face fresher and brighter too.

5. Relieve Pain

Cucumber can also be used to reduce pain, especially headaches. Studies have shown that cucumber has flavonoids and demulcents that can help relieve pain in humans’ bodies. Even though the effect is not fast, but it will help reduce the pain of the body.

So, there are many health benefits of cucumber that people can feel after consuming them. You can consume them as a side dish or juice them to drink. Make sure to consume them routinely to get the best result for your body.

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Benefits Of Coconut Water That People Should Know

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benefits of coconut water

Everyone knows that the body needs at least 8 glasses of water every day to support the system of the body. Drinking enough water each day can also keep the body hydrated and healthy each day. Other than water, coconut water is another type of liquid that can help support the body. 90% of coconut water does contain water but there are more minerals and supplements inside coconut water. So, with the many benefits of coconut water for a human’s body, people should be consuming them routinely.

As its name, coconut water can be found from inside a coconut fruit. The taste of the water is a bit plain but there is more flavor in it rather than water. You can get coconut water in traditional markets or supermarkets in a more modern package. Whichever type you consume, both are healthy and good for the body. So, what are the benefits of coconut water for the human body?

1. Sports Drinks – Electrolytes

Coconut water is known for having many electrolytes inside the water, therefore it can be used as a sports drink. By consuming it after your work out or after doing a sport, the water will replenish the fluid that your body needs. Another benefit of coconut water is you can drink up as much as you want without having to worry. The fluid doesn’t make your stomach upset or make you pee too much either.

2. Diet Drink – Low in Calories

For people who are on diet and are having a hard time not drinking sweet drinks, then try coconut water. This liquid is not sweet, but it does taste better than plain water. Drinking this routinely will help make your stomach stay full but not gain any weight.

3. Get rid of Cramps – Potassium

One of the benefits of coconut water is that it contains a lot of potassium in it compared to a banana. Potassium in the human body has the function to balance the body especially when you are exercising. Potassium can also help get rids of cramp when you are on your period. Therefore, for ladies who are on their period can consume coconut water to get rid of the pain.

4. Supports the Bones – Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium is an important element in the body to support the work of the bones. Therefore, consuming the right amount of calcium and magnesium is very important especially for ladies. So, try consuming coconut water every day to help make your bones stronger

5. Kill Bad Bacteria

Coconut water from green coconut is known to be able to kill bad bacteria in our bodies. If you suddenly suffer from diarrhea or poison food, then you will be recommended to drink coconut water. Not only will it keep you rehydrated but also get rid of the bacteria inside your body. Usually, after consuming it for a day you will get healthier and better.

Many people do not know the benefits of coconut water and many are still not aware of it. Therefore, now that you know this secret, try consuming it regularly each day to feel the effect on your body. Even though coconut water is a bit pricey, the benefit is worth it all.

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Best Menu For Post Workout That Will Give You Energy

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best menu for post workout

One of the ways to keep the body healthy is by working out routinely and maintaining what we eat. However, sometimes after working out, people become hungry and can’t control what they eat. Therefore, it is important people choose the best menu for post workout, so their post-workout is not a waste. Choose foods that can give you back your energy but at the same time make sure it doesn’t give your extra fat. 

best menu for post workout

Whether you are eating breakfast or dinner for post-workout, both should be controlled. Don’t eat too much even though you have worked out a lot. Choose foods that are less oily and cut off the carbs and change them with healthier foods. Here is some best menu for post workout that you can try and give you energy after working out:

1. Avocado Toast Plus Eggs

Avocado is a fruit that has many nutrients and vitamins that are useful for the human body. Therefore, after a tiring workout, it is recommended to eat avocado to give your body some energy and good fat. To make breakfast more delicious, add some toast and eggs with the fruit. However, make sure to boil the egg rather than frying it. An egg is also a portion of healthy food that can help bring muscles to the body. 

2. Granola Mixed Yoghurt

One of the best menu for post workout is granola mixed with low-fat yogurt. This can replace carbs that you usually eat and still give you energy. This menu can be done for breakfast or dinner because it doesn’t make the body fat. However, if you are planning to eat it for dinner, make sure to eat it 2 hours before you sleep. 

3. Oatmeal with Peanut Butter/ Yoghurt

Another way to spend your breakfast after working out is by eating oatmeal with peanut butter. Oatmeal is another great source of energy, so it can replace bread and rice. However, some people don’t like the taste of plain oatmeal, so you can add peanut butter. Just make sure not to put too much peanut butter in it so that it is not too sweet. Or you can also change it with yogurt for a safe diet. 

4. Grilled Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

If you want to eat some meat, then you can eat grilled chicken with roasted vegetables but using no salt. This is the best menu for post workout because it is healthy and delicious. Make sure not to add any salt and sugar so that your workout can count that day. 

5. Tuna & Crackers

For a light dinner post-workout, you can tuna and some crackers to fill in your stomach. This meal is quite light, but it will be enough to full your stomach for at least tomorrow morning. Make sure to choose unsalted crackers to eat for your dinner. 

Choosing the best menu for post workout is important because it will determine your workout later. Choose foods that are less fat and healthy for the body. And also try to eat foods that will give your body energy so that you can still do your activities later. 

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Microgaming Live Dealer Online Casino Games

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At the point when online club games were created in the mid 1990s they depended on the Random Number Generator. The PC programming produced arbitrary numbers and changed over them to a progression of cards, or moves of bones or blend of images on the reels. Despite the fact that this framework flourished, there stayed a segment of players who were utilized to land club condition. This segment missed the genuine gambling club mood of genuine sellers managing genuine cards or really turning a genuine roulette wheel. To take into account this customer base and carry the fervor of live gambling clubs to internet gaming live vendor games were presented.

In live seller games genuine gambling club staff really play out the assignments of managing cards or rolling the bones or turning the roulette wheel. They are video taped while doing this and this video is gushed to slot online club. In this way players can involvement with constant the gambling club sellers managing cards to them and can appreciate nature and fervor of land based gambling clubs. A lot of authenticity has been incorporated with the live seller games. Above all else players can browse various club games as they would in land gambling clubs. Inside each game there are various tables offering various stakes and the player can relocate to the table with the stakes he likes. Aside from seeing the genuine sellers bargain the cards the players can talk with the vendors. This improves the experience and carries it closer to the sentiment of playing in a genuine gambling club.

Microgaming was one of the primary web based gaming programming suppliers to present live vendors. Today most Microgaming on the web gambling clubs offer live vendor games. So as to play live vendor games the player needs to initially get to the live seller entryway. A screen capture of a Microgaming live seller anteroom is demonstrated as follows.

Microgaming offers four live seller games. Two are blackjack and baccarat the most well known games in genuine club. The third is roulette, another well known genuine gambling club game. The fourth is sic bo, which is well known with the Asian people group.

Microgaming offers various choices in baccarat. There are in excess of 20 tables with differing stakes. At the low end tables have a base stake of $5 and a most extreme stake of $100. At the very good quality tables have a base stake of $1,000 and a most extreme stake of $10,000. The symbol for each table gives point by point data on the seller including name, sexual orientation, age, nationality, language and a review. Subsequently in Microgaming live vendor games players can pick the stakes as well as the seller. Numerous players trust that their preferred seller will come on the web and afterward they join the table and start betting.

Microgaming live vendor offers 3 blackjack tables. The most reduced has a base stake of $5 and a greatest stake of $500. The most elevated has a base stake of $25 and a greatest stake of $3,000.

Microgaming live vendor offers 7 roulette tables. The most reduced has a base stake of $5 and a greatest stake of $500. The most elevated has a base stake of $50 and a greatest stake of $1,000.

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Learn The First Aid For Heart Attack And Save Someone Near You

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first aid for heart attack

A heart attack is on the top of the deadly diseases that kill so many people in this world. However, a heart attack is a condition where the blood could not enter the heart in a moment. This caused some cells on heart dead and then our heart can’t work properly. It is important to know the first aid for heart attack because this disease can attack someone near us.

first aid for heart attack

Some people who have faced a heart attack may experience some signs before. For example, they usually feel very painful pain in the center of their chest. Bad lifestyle, obesity, smoking, and drinking too much alcohol can cause a heart attack. However, a heart attack happens in a short time. This article will give you first aid for heart attack because you need to save him as fast as you can. 

1. Call Emergency Number

The first thing you should do when a heart attack happens near you is calling the emergency number. This could be important if your home is far enough from the hospital. Also, you can call your neighbor or friends to drive you to the hospital. Remember that you need to bring him as fast as you can or his life could not be helped. But, make sure there is someone who bothered the patient.

2. Give Aspirin

Aspirin is a special drug to destroy blood clotting that caused the heart attack. Also, aspirin can decrease pain. You can give him about 325 mg dosage of aspirin. Make sure the patient did not have an allergic history to the aspirin. Above all, don’t try to enter another thing into his mouth because he can be chocked.

3. Seat the Patient

You should make the patient quiet because when the blood pressure can rise when they panic. After that, put him to sitting position and lean on something on his back. It is okay to make them sitting on the floor or the chair. But, it will be better when he sitting on the floor to reduce the risk of injury when they fainting.

4. Start CPR if the Patient is Unconscious

If you are with the unconscious patient it is important to start CPR on his chest while waiting medical person comes. CPR can help him to maintain the blood flow while the heart stopped working. The first step to do is put him laying on a flat surface. After that, put your hands on his chest, make sure your arms in a straight position. The medical guide tells us that we should press his chest in 100 to 120 compression in one minute.

5. Take Nitroglycerin

If someone’s with a heart attack has given nitroglycerin by the doctor before, you can give it too. Make sure you give them in the right dose because it can cause death if he consumes the wrong one. But, you can do this way if he is still conscious. Above all, read the device instructions on its label and follow the instruction.

These are some first aid for heart attack you can do. It is important to know how to cure a heart attack disease. A heart attack has critical time in the first 15 minutes. I hope this article can give you a piece of knowledge so you know what to do when it happens to someone near you.

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Best Exercise To Burn Fat That You Can Try At Home

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Best exercise to burn fat

Becoming fat is such a very bad thing for all people especially for women. However, many people still becoming fat because of many reasons. Why are people getting fat and hard to reach body goals? There a lot of factors that make it difficult to reach body goals. One of the main reasons is the lifestyle. Most people, especially woman, is getting fat because of their lifestyle. They want to have the body goals but they are lazy to do such as the best exercise to burn fat.

Best exercise to burn fat

Wondering exercise, you may think something that makes you tired. It was a false point of view. An exercise will not make you tired but you will make you reach your body goals. You don’t need to do such heavy exercise, just do a simple exercise. What are they?

1. Jogging

The first best exercise to burn fat that you may try is jogging. Jogging seems simple but it will help you to burn fat. It can be said that jogging is interesting if you conduct it happily. You can choose the best time for jogging such as in the early morning or in the afternoon. You can invite your family or friend, thus, your jogging will be meaningful and fun.

2. Walking Around

If you feel that jogging is too hard to do, don’t need to worry. You can do other simple exercises such as walking around. Walking around doesn’t mean you just walking around inside your house, but you need to walk around your area. The other ideas, you may walk to go to a market. Then, you get two benefits in one thing.

3. Cycling

Another exercise except the previous is cycling. If you feel that jogging and walking are such boring things to do, you may try to have cycling. Choose the best area to do cycling. Moreover, it will be more interesting if you ask your family such as your couple to join cycling with you. Bring some water in your bag. Thus, you can have time for taking a rest for a moment while drinking some freshwater.

4. Try To Join Weigh Training

The most famous of the best exercise to burn fat is having to weigh training. This exercise is a little bit hard but you can get many benefits. Except for burning fat, you can also grow up your muscles. Weigh training exist and become famous among men that want to grow up their muscle. So, if you want to get more than burning fat, you may try to join weigh training.

5. Swimming

The last exercise and the most interesting exercise is swimming. Swimming will be the best and the most interesting exercise if you are able to swim. Thus, if you are able to swim and you like it, you can try to burning fat by swimming.

To sum up, in order to lose and burn fat it does not depend on the best exercise to burn fat. All of them is dependent on you. Whether you want to change your lifestyle and conduct an exercise or not. whatever the exercise, you need to put effort and patients inside to get your body goals.

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Best Diet Program for Seniors, Important to Note

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Proper diet can affect the quality of life of seniors, ranging from health, productivity and enthusiasm. But given the physical and biological conditions that have decreased, making seniors have to adjust their diet specifically. The following is the best diet program for seniors. See the explanation.

Recommended Diet for Seniors

Although not very recommended, it does not mean seniors can not get the ideal body weight and reduce the risk of disease. Instead, seniors can keep their weight from rising, by implementing a healthy daily diet.

Because basically, diet is not merely a matter of losing weight. Diet aims to change eating patterns to be more healthy and balanced. In short, by going on a diet, you strive to maintain health by adopting a healthy diet.

For example by limiting your intake of fat, sugar, salt and increasing your food intake of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. That way, the body will always be healthy despite increasing age.

A healthy diet can also help maintain a normal body weight, meet nutritional needs, and even supply some energy to the body. Finally, it will reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Healthy Diet for The Treatment of Seniors

Implement a healthy diet not only aims to prevent the emergence of disease but also can be one way to treat disease attacks. Because, do not rule out the possibility that as we get older, the body will be more susceptible to experiencing health problems.

For example, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and other medical conditions. This is where the role of a healthy diet is needed by seniors. For example, when someone is have diagnose with diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

That is, the thing to do is to control your diet by eating foods that are rich in nutrients, but low in calories, sugar, and saturated fat. In essence, the diet in question is to adjust your diet with the illness.

Doctors may limit some food intake which is believe to inhibit the metabolic process of the drugs consume. For example, when taking warfarin regularly. Which is a blood-thinning medication, it is usually recommended that someone avoid eating grapefruit or grapefruit.

The reason is that grapefruit can reduce the body’s ability to digest the drug warfarin. On the other hand, it might be more advisable to increase the consumption of some foods, quoted from the Healthline page.

Therefore, if someone is taking medication regularly, be sure to find out what foods and drinks are allowed and should not be consumed. Again, this is intended to adopt a diet with a healthy and balanced diet.

Different Amount of Intake

The selected foods are foods that contain vitamins and minerals. That can prevent or inhibit the appearance of bone loss (osteoporosis), diabetes (diabetes mellitus), coronary heart disease or others.

The nutritional needs of the elderly themselves are almost the same as adults but differ slightly in terms of quantity. This is because their health, physical condition, and ability to digest food have decreased. That condition causes a change in appetite in the elderly.

Seniors should consume 1-1.2 grams of protein per day per kilogram (kg) of body weight. For example, if an elderly person weighs 70 kg. You should get an intake of 70-100 grams of protein per day.

Not only that, but seniors also need 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium per day and 1,000 units of vitamin D per day. Fruit and vegetable intake also needs to reproduce as a counterweight to daily food.

That’s some explanation about the best diet program for seniors. For seniors who have health problems should immediately consult a doctor to manage their diet safely.